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KeyWise Security Advice:
Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

At KeyWise, ensuring the safety and security of your home and possessions is our utmost priority. We’ve pooled our expertise to provide you with actionable tips to reinforce your home’s security advice. Based in Southampton and serving the Waterside and New Forest district, we’re dedicated to your peace of mind.

Understanding Home Access: Who Has Your Key?

Moving into a previously occupied home comes with its risks. You may never truly know who else has a copy of your key. We strongly advise changing the locks immediately upon moving in. This simple step can provide immeasurable peace of mind.

Moreover, the quality of your locks matters. Many residents aren’t aware that if their locks don’t meet the British Standard BS 361, they might not receive insurance compensation in case of a break-in. Watch out for locks sold without the British kitemarked logo. They might be less reliable, jeopardizing your security and possibly failing over time.

Upon securing your home with approved locks, don’t forget to update your insurance policy to ensure you’re fully covered. And if you’re considering a lock replacement, our dedicated page on lock replacements offers detailed insights.

Beyond Locks: Comprehensive Security Measures

Ensuring your windows are firmly locked, especially when you’re not at home, significantly enhances security. Ground-floor windows are particularly vulnerable, so make it a routine to check them before heading out or retiring for the night.

Your home’s back doors, often out of immediate sight, can be enticing for opportunistic intruders. Ensure they are always locked and reinforced with quality locks that are appropriately sized for the door. Incorrectly sized locks can compromise the door’s integrity.

Lighting plays a vital role in deterring potential threats. Well-lit exteriors can make your home less appealing to burglars. Consider investing in motion sensor lights or timed lighting systems that give the impression of activity even when you’re away.

When away, a simple trick like having a neighbour collect your mail or occasionally park in your driveway can give the impression of an occupied home, deterring potential intruders.

Professional Security Recommendations

key to your home?

For an exhaustive list of security tips, we also endorse the UK Police’s Crime Prevention site. They provide a plethora of advice on robust home protection strategies.


Partner with KeyWise for Total Security

Your safety is paramount to us. Allow us to guide you in fortifying your home against potential threats. Together, we can make sure your sanctuary remains just that—safe, secure, and serene.

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