Garage Security

Garage Security: Prioritizing Protection with Garage Defender

Enfield Garage Lock

A home’s security doesn’t just end at its front door. Many homeowners often overlook an essential part of their property when considering security: the garage. With criminals being aware of this common oversight, garages have become prime targets for theft. This is why it’s crucial to take proactive measures to ensure your garage remains safe and protected.

Why Garages are Overlooked Yet Essential

Many people fail to realize that garages often house valuable items, from cars to tools and equipment. Furthermore, if your garage has a connecting door to the main house, it could provide an easy entry point for burglars if not secured properly. Luckily, at KeyWise, we offer top-notch garage security solutions that provide peace of mind.

Garage Defender: A Premier Security SolutionGarage Defender Image

For homeowners with the “Up and over” type doors, it’s alarming how rapidly and effortlessly an intruder can gain access. Enter the Garage Defender—a formidable barrier against such threats. With its hardened, shackle-less steel lock which is immune to bolt croppers and secure ground anchoring, it offers unparalleled protection for your garage.

Enfield Garage Door Bolts: Universal Protection

The Enfield door bolts serve as an efficient alternative for up and over doors. With their universal fit and concealed design that’s resistant to bolt croppers, they provide a reliable and discreet security solution.

Garage Alarm Systems: Covering All Bases

Touch Screen Shed Alarm SystemGarage Door Contact

While physical barriers are essential, an alarm system adds an additional layer of security. Garage alarm systems, though often overlooked, can deter and detect any unauthorized entry attempts. At KeyWise, we provide comprehensive alarm solutions—from PIR sensors to door contacts—that cater to various needs.

For more details on our sophisticated alarm offerings, visit our Intruder Alarms page.

For those with existing alarm systems that may not support additional sensors, we also offer the Garage door contact siren system—a cost-effective alternative that alerts homeowners and neighbours with a loud siren when the garage door is compromised.

Expand Your Knowledge with Authoritative Resources To further enhance your grasp on home security, we recommend diving into the Official UK Police’s crime prevention page. It’s a rich source filled with expert insights and valuable tips.



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