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Intruder Alarm Systems by KeyWise Locksmith

At KeyWise Locksmith, we pride ourselves on being a locally-operated business, delivering exceptional security solutions for homeowners in our community. With our team undergoing stringent CRB checks, you can rest easy knowing our seasoned locksmiths are both reliable and trustworthy. We offer a diverserange of services, but our expertise in intruder alarm installation stands out, ensuring personalized, efficient service tailored to your needs. With KeyWise Locksmith safeguarding your property, your home and family are in capable hands.

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The Imperative of Intruder Alarms


Why might you consider an intruder alarm?

  1. Deter Potential Intruders: Intruder alarms are powerful deterrents, alerting homeowners, neighbors, and even authorities about possible break-ins.
  2. Safeguard Your Valuables: Protect priceless items – be it jewelry, electronics, or other cherished possessions – from theft.
  3. Boost Personal Safety: An intruder alarm instills a profound sense of security, ensuring you’re always alerted to threats and potential breaches.
  4. Meet Insurance Protocols: Certain insurance providers mandate the installation of intruder alarms, either as a qualification criterion for coverage or to avail premium discounts.

Investing in Premium Intruder Alarm Systems

Choosing a high-grade intruder alarm is essential. Top-tier systems promise reliability, sophisticated detection, customizable features, and unmatched longevity. These attributes not only bolster the security of your residence and assets but also offer prolonged peace of mind. Trust in a premium system and feel the difference in your home’s protection.

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Did You Know This About the Intruder Alarm?

Long before our sophisticated digital alarm systems came into play, early civilizations had their own versions of ‘intruder alarms’. In ancient times, folks relied on trusty geese! Yes, you read that right. Geese have keen senses and are known for their loud honking when something seems amiss, making them nature’s very own alarm system.

If you traveled a bit forward in time, you’d find that booby traps were the next upgrade. From pits concealed under foliage to primitive tripwire alarms that’d set off loud noises or release objects, homeowners were quite crafty! There were even large, bell-like contraptions in some communities, meant to ring loudly when triggered by trespassers.

In some cultures, they relied on ‘watchtowers’ – but not the kind you’re thinking of. These were often young members of the community or hired watchers, perched high above, acting as the eyes in the skies. Their job? To holler, ring bells, or even play musical instruments to signal potential threats.

So, the next time your high-tech intruder alarm chirps a reminder, give a chuckle and spare a thought for the geese and diligent watchers of yore!

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