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Certain circumstances can leave properties vulnerable. Yet, when you board up windows and doors, you provide an immediate and robust solution, ensuring your property remains protected against unwarranted access or damage. A thoroughly secured entrance stands strong, demanding significant force for anyone trying to breach.

Various reasons might necessitate a property to have its windows boarded. Perhaps vandalism compromised the structural integrity of a window. Or, you’re closing down a shop temporarily and need to ensure its safety. Maybe an unexpected incident has left you without a window temporarily. Regardless of the reason, timely and effective boarding becomes paramount.

Boarding up windowsExperience Our 24hr Emergency Boarding Up Service

With KeyWise, you receive services from professionals who have vast hands-on experience. Our team has tackled countless scenarios requiring the boarding up of windows. Using our unique technique, we employ carriage bolts, making it nearly impossible for anyone to undo the bolts from the outside. And, for added peace of mind, in most situations, we avoid drilling into brickwork to secure your property.
When you’re ready to restore your windows or doors, KeyWise stands by your side. Our commitment 


goes beyond just boarding up. We work diligently to ensure your property returns to its prime state. We’ll remove the boards at a time that suits you, all within the initially quoted price. Moreover, if you need glass replacement, we source directly from trusted suppliers. And with strong connections in the window fitting industry, combined with our expertise in the locksmith and construction sectors, we cover all your boarding and replacement needs comprehensively.

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