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KeyWise: Sharing Local Stories Through the Locksmith’s Lens

Nestled in the heart of the New Forest & Waterside region, KeyWise isn’t just your everyday locksmith service. We’re your neighbours, your friends, and now, your local crime based, news storytellers. Our deep-rooted connection to the community and our daily experiences as locksmiths and security engineers give us a unique perspective on local happenings. And guess what? We’re excited to share these stories with you!


Meet Don: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Locksmith

Don has been a familiar face for many, always ready with a smile and a solution. Over the years, while helping residents with their locks or enhancing home security, he’s picked up fascinating local tales and insights. His articles will be a delightful mix of handy domestic security tips and the latest local buzz. Whether it’s a community event or a quirky local story, Don’s got the scoop.

Mark’s Adventures: From Car Lockouts to Local Insights

Mark, The Auto Locksmith, has tales from every corner of New Forest & Waterside. When he’s not helping someone with a car lockout, he’s observing the little things that make our community special. Mark’s articles promise a blend of useful vehicle security advice and vibrant local stories. From spontaneous street performances to local market days, Mark’s perspective is sure to keep you entertained and informed.

Lewis: The New Kid on the Block with an Old Soul

Lewis, Don’s son, might be the younger face of KeyWise, but he’s got a wisdom and curiosity that’s infectious. While he’s got a knack for all things locksmithing, his true passion is connecting with the community and sharing stories. Lewis will dive deep into security trends, local events, and even the occasional tech innovation, all while keeping things light and relatable.

A Fresh Take on Local News

Our foray into local news is all about bringing the community closer. We believe our unique locksmith’s perspective can add a fresh twist to local stories. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to know about the latest security trend while also catching up on community events?

Join Our Journey

We’re not just sharing stories; we’re starting a conversation. We’d love for you to be a part of it. Share your insights, give us feedback, or even suggest what you’d like to read next. At the end of the day, KeyWise’s news initiative is all about our community – and that includes you.

So, stay tuned for heartwarming, insightful, and sometimes quirky articles from Don, Mark, and Lewis. Here’s to new stories, fresh perspectives, and a community that’s always connected. Cheers!


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