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🔒 Crime Prevention Tip: Secure Your Doors and Windows! 🔒

One of the best ways to protect your home and outbuildings from intruders is by securing your doors and windows. Here are some essential tips to keep your property safe:

  1. Install High-Quality Locks: Invest in sturdy deadbolt locks for your doors and windows. Look for locks made of durable materials that are difficult to tamper with.
  2. Use Security Bars and Grilles: Consider installing security bars or grilles on windows, especially those on the ground floor or easily accessible areas. These act as a physical barrier against intruders.
  3. Install sash jammers using jack nuts for added security , we use lockable sash jammers and great quality 
  4. Keep Doors and Windows Locked: It may seem obvious, but always remember to lock your doors and windows, even when you’re at home. Burglars often look for easy opportunities, so don’t make it easy for them!
  5. Install Motion-Activated Lights: Bright lights can deter intruders. Consider installing motion-activated lights around the perimeter of your property to illuminate any suspicious activity.
  6. Trim Bushes and Shrubs: Overgrown bushes and shrubs can provide cover for potential intruders. Keep vegetation trimmed back to eliminate hiding spots near doors and windows.
  7. Secure Outbuildings: Don’t forget about sheds, garages, and other outbuildings. Install locks and motion sensor lights to protect these areas as well.
  8. Keywise offer a free security check no obligation quote , we want to help with low cost but fully effective
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