Broken Key Removal

Broken Key Removal: Unraveling a Common Dilemma

A key broken, halfway into the lock
Have you ever felt that sudden sense of dismay when your key snaps in the lock? All of a sudden you have a broken key in our hand and a locked handle in the other.. Surprisingly, this is a frequent mishap for residents in Southampton and the New Forest area. More often than not, the culprits are the gradual wear on the metal or a lock mechanism that’s out of alignment, causing too much friction.

Why Keys Break

Keys, although robust, can succumb to wear and tear. Regular use, especially coupled with a heavy keychain, can gradually exhaust the metal. Moreover, when you add a lock that’s crying out for lubrication or realignment, the resistance you feel each time you turn the key can eventually lead to a bent and broken key.

The Perils of DIY Removal

You might consider removing the broken piece yourself, but this approach can lead to more harm than good. The lock mechanism is intricate, and without the correct tools, you might compromise the lock’s integrity or make the key even more stubborn to remove.

Choosing KeyWise for a Broken Key Removal

At KeyWise Locksmiths, we excel in the precise art of broken key removal. Our skilled technicians deftly use specialized tools to extract the broken piece without inflicting any damage on the lock. Whether you’re dealing with a key that’s slightly turned and stuck or one that’s snapped off deep within the lock, we’ve got the expertise to handle it. You can learn more about our skills on our About Us page.
Our Services

We go beyond mere removal. After extracting the broken key, we assess and service the lock, performing any necessary repairs or replacements. Our comprehensive services ensure your lock functions seamlessly, thus reducing the chance of future breaks.

Areas We Serve

We bring our technical know-how and local expertise to every job. We respond swiftly to calls from both the vibrant streets of Southampton and the peaceful New Forest. Discover all the areas we serve on our website.

Get in Touch

Facing a broken key emergency or simply need advice with no strings attached? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to offer quick, professional service with a friendly demeanour. Use our Contact Us page or use the following information.

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Q: How fast can you address a broken key issue?
A: We strive for speed and efficiency, often arriving within the hour for local calls in the Southampton and New Forest areas.

Q: Is a lock replacement necessary after you remove a broken key?
A: Not always. If the lock is still in good shape, we’ll just remove the broken key and create a new one. If there’s damage, we’ll discuss the best replacement options with you.

Q: What can I do to prevent my keys from breaking?
A: To prevent breakage, maintain your locks regularly and use keys that fit perfectly. Keep your keychain light and your locks well-lubricated to reduce stress on the key.

Rest assured, with KeyWise Locksmiths, a broken key is merely a temporary setback. You’re in expert hands.

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