Who has a key to your home ?

key to your home?

Who has the key to your home?

There are many reasons why you should change your locks if you have moved into a new home and your home was previously occupied you will never know who has a key, also another reason why you should change your locks is unknown to many people they are unaware that the british insurers will not pay out if your home is broken into by an intruder if your locks are not up to the standard to british standard BS 361 compliant the insurer will not pay out, there are so many locks on the market that are being sold everywhere in local shops that offer you security to your home, but the reality is if the lock is not showing a british kitemarked logo the lock is a fake, using locks like this not only are you putting your home at danger the chances are these locks will fail over time and cost you more money in the long run we at keywise see this on a daily basis, keywise always recommend that as soon as you move into a new property as security should be your first concern making you feel comfortable knowing your home or business is secure and not forgetting putting your home with the correct requirements to your insurance company.

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